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What are the benefits of direct sourcing?

As we’ve mentioned before, direct sourcing has revolutionised the way companies hire permanent and temporary talent. Perhaps more importantly, when delivered successfully within an MSP program, it can drive down costs, whilst increasing on talent quality.

So, what are the benefits of direct sourcing through an MSP program and why should you adopt this approach?

It’s truly strategic

Achieving true strategic talent acquisition and management is a desirable feat for HR and procurement teams. But with the make-up of the workforce constantly evolving, in order to be strategic, a brand’s sourcing strategy needs to include the entire breadth of talent pools, from internal to external and the non-employed segments. Firms often have access to a significant pool of top talent that have had some engagement with the brand at some point, but that aren’t actively being ‘sourced’ at the moment.

Whether that’s existing or previous employees, contractors, freelancers, retired staff or even “silver medal” applicants that showed real promise, these are all potential resources. And because they have already engaged with your brand they can be re-invigorated through an MSP’s direct sourcing focus, ensuring you are taking a truly strategic and holistic approach to your hiring needs.

Developing an employer brand that’s centred on quality

Employers tapping into the contingent workforce undoubtedly want to attract the best talent. In order to do so, they need to be known as a business that works with the best – and redeploying or engaging with those that have already delivered significant value to the company will certainly help boost this profile.

It’s important to add that by having an MSP program that integrates direct sourcing, you’ll be engaging with and redeploying those that truly fit with your business culture. This will, in turn, further strengthen the natural development of a strong employer value proposition (EVP) that is appealing to a range of workers, no matter how they are engaged with your business.

Direct sourcing under an MSP program also has the added benefit of building results-driven in-brand recruitment marketing activity into your talent engagement strategies. An advanced MSP can fully support the development of your EVP and will know how to leverage it to support direct sourcing needs, be that sourcing niche or high-volume roles, through to brining more diversity to your workforce. In fact, if you want to know just how valuable this can be, find out about our award-winning recruitment marketing campaign with Shop Direct.

Cost-effective results are delivered

Direct sourcing through an MSP program will also improve time to hire and often reduce the fees that are incurred compared to a more traditional supply chain driven sourcing model. Through the direct nurturing of top talent pools under your employer brand, you’ll build up a network of ready to deploy contingent or temporary workers, and be able to build a reputation as a ‘client of choice’ with these talent pools, making hiring successes much quicker to achieve.

Retaining the best temporary talent

It may seem odd to talk about temporary or contingent workers in the same sentence as retention, but the two do go hand in hand. Contingent talent pools are constantly being redeployed. Where a particular individual or team has delivered valuable results to your business, you want to be able to re-engage them quickly when needed.

The speed of hiring that’s afforded to your firm through direct sourcing under an MSP means that your business can get ahead of the competition and ensure you’re bringing top talent back on board when needed, without losing them to another project.

It’s adaptable

Of course, there are certain functions that will require the engagement of third-party expertise. But the benefit of direct sourcing under an MSP programme is that is can be rolled out for specific departments or labour segments such as high-volume low skilled or low volume high skilled roles. For example, you could have a direct sourcing model for your warehouse or production line workers, but a vendor neutral model for all head office roles.

There are a wealth of benefits of direct sourcing under an MSP program – why not contact the Guidant team to find out more?

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