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Guidant receives outstanding global supplier satisfaction score

In one of our recent blogs we outlined insight from our Supplier Relationship Management Team that highlighted not only how to effectively manage supply chain relationships, but also why our team is so good at achieving this themselves. But for Guidant Global, we don’t just talk the talk. As our latest supplier satisfaction score shows, we truly deliver these results.

Providing outstanding supplier support

At Guidant Global, our connection with our supply chain partners worldwide is one of our greatest strengths. We focus on building collaborative, open and honest relationships with recruitment suppliers who share our values and vision. The team recognises that it is these strategic partnerships that enable us to competitively deliver best-in class resourcing solutions for our clients.

In order to maintain the high-level supplier relationships that are mutually beneficial and identify any areas for improvement, we are committed to implementing an annual global supplier satisfaction survey, of which we’re pleased to share the results.

While the last year has certainly been challenging to say the least , our focus on supporting our supply chain businesses has not only remained intact, but also become increasingly important. We have helped many partners adapt to new markets over the last 12 months as the constantly changing landscape has driven a need to adapt service offerings.

And according to them, this has proven invaluable.

Not only did we receive a 60% response rate to the satisfaction survey (which is high by industry standards), but we also saw our Net Promoter Score (NPS) increase year-on-year. For 2020, the suppliers across our top 80% of global spend scored us an NPS of +50 – up from the +47 we achieved last year.

A further 90% of all of our supply chain partners ranked us in their top three Managed Service Providers (MSP), demonstrating that we really are leaders in our field.

What our suppliers say

While we hope that the numbers speak for themselves, the survey also produced some fantastic insight from our suppliers into what it’s like partnering with Guidant Global:

“We work with a large number of MSP/RPO clients and Guidant has always stood some way apart-the relationship as a supplier always feels like a genuine partnership -this is very rare in our experience.”

“This team does a fantastic job. I have worked with MSP's in the past and Guidant, by far, is the best to work with.”

“Refreshing to see a commitment to build a top-flight program that has a collaborative partnership with client, MSP and vendor.”

“Excellent relationship with an experienced and knowledgeable delivery team.”

Going above and beyond in the future

We’re hugely proud of the relationships and support that the Guidant Global team delivers to its thousands of suppliers around the world, so achieving this outstanding score is not only testament to the commitment of our team, but also highlights that our approach works.

But we won’t be stopping there. We will continue to push ourselves to do more for our partners and will incorporate the feedback from the supplier satisfaction survey into our plans for 2021.

As we continue to prepare for the New Year, the focus from our Supplier Relationship Management Team – and indeed, the entire company – is very much aimed at continuing to excel in the relationships and support we offer our clients and suppliers.

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