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Good recruitment drives gender diversity: here's how

Promoting gender diversity and inclusion in recruitment is essentially just good recruitment practice.

Any organisation who fails to embrace best practice risks falling behind their competitors who do. Diversity within a workforce offers a wider selection of different talents, skills and experiences, which ultimately leads to more diverse thinking and problem solving – which is critical in today’s business landscape, where the rate of transformation and changing customer expectations are at unprecedented levels.

As such “recruitment organisations like Guidant Global have an obligation to challenge their clients to drive best-practice and make change happen”, says a new report from the Recruitment Employment Confederation (REC).

As a leading workforce managed services and RPO provider, we pride ourselves on pioneering inclusivity best-practice, driving increased confidence throughout our own organisation, as well as for our clients and within our supply chain.

Our UK Head of Client Services, Jacqui Pearce talks to REC about the steps Guidant Global has already taken to stamp out bad practice and to open up the recruitment process to as many women as possible.

The REC report, ‘The role of good recruitment in gender diversity’, is available for REC members to download now. It offers practical, actionable strategies for recruiters and employers to work together to remove gender related bias from their hiring procedures.

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