Photos of the two Guidant teams at Winter Wonderwheels

Guidant Global enter two teams into Winter Wonderwheels part of the Superhero Series

On Sunday 2nd December two teams made up of #TeamGuidant Superheroes, their family and friends retuned to Dorney Lake in Windsor, this time it was for round two of the Superhero Series; the ‘Winter Wonderwheels’. 

The Superhero Series is the UK’s one and only series of sports events where any individual with a disability can enter alongside their family and friends. There are no cut-off times or equipment restrictions, meaning that any individual who requires any type of adjustment to join in can do so. 

Winter Wonderwheels gave participants the option of 1km, 5km or 10km around the beautiful Dorney Lake, by which ever means of transport they wished to do so. There was lots of amazing adaptions of chairs, bicycles and trikes. Some participants chose to use roller blades, others used their skateboards or simply just walked with their friends and families.  

The event was a fantastic day for both teams who took part, even through the rainy parts and the cold chills from the wind across the lake! But the weather didn’t stop #TeamGuidant coming out in full-force to compete and celebrate what was another great event. 

In team 1 Tom Brooks, and James Buckman (a true #TeamGuidant participant) took to the course on their bikes, both finishing in super-speedy times. Karen Bryant and Ben McGuinness ran the 5km loop with Karen edging Ben out this time round, but he was hot on her heels and not bad for a 400m sprinter! 

Team Guidant and their medals at Winter Wonderwheels

Team 2 saw Emma Buckley and her two young boys along with Marta Zdanuk-Basalska’s son Sebastian enjoyed the 1km route, with the boys using their bikes and scooters and making sure Emma kept to their pace on foot. 

The event also had entries from many celebrity Superhero’s – including team’s from Adam Hills (The Last Leg), David Weir (six-time Paralympic champion), Jonnie Peacock (Paralympic champion and Strictly Come Dancing star) and many more!

Guidant Global is a partner of the Superhero Series, and have been lucky enough to take part in both events in 2018. It has been down to the promise of our very own Karen Bryant that has made this happen, so from behalf of all who took part in each event, Karen thank you for your hard work and effort. 

#TeamGuidant wish a huge congratulations to all who took part; we look forward to more of the same next year. 

Team Guidant at Winter Wonderwheels     

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