Parkridge Community Center children at summer camp

Parkridge Community Center gives Guidant Global employees an A+ in Citizenship

Following in the footsteps of the Bartech founders (John W. and Betty Barfield), to be good corporate citizens, Guidant Global employees together with our colleagues from Bartech Staffing, and Impellam Group donate money each month for the opportunity to wear jeans every day in the Southfield, Michigan office. We then vote on where the money raised will be donated. This is a great way for us to support good causes and give back to our local community. 

In memory of the Barfield’s legacy, this year we chose to donate $30,000 to the Parkridge Community Center. Betty Barfield grew up on the Southside of Ypsilanti, Michigan across the street from the Center and for the past 20 years the Barfield family worked hard to keep the doors of Parkridge open, giving the community a safe and supportive environment to study, learn, play and grow.

Parkridge Community Center

Parkridge Community Center is a recreational and educational programming center for Ypsilanti youth under 18 years of age. Since 1943 the center actively involves young people in safe, positive, structured activities after school and during critical gaps between school and academic terms. Parkridge strives to provide activities that focus on health, education, active living choices, self-development, leadership and empowerment, social development, recreation, culture and educational programming.

“Thanks to the donations like this, Parkridge will subsidize more children this summer and next in safe, positive, and structured activities” said Anthony Williamson, Community Development Manager at Parkridge Community Center. “The gymnasium, multi-purpose rooms, library/resource center, exercise room and computer lab will be packed.”

If you would like to donate to a worthwhile organization that meant the world to John W and Betty Barfield, go to John and Betty Barfield Community Investment Fund for Parkridge through the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation.


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