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Recruiter Awards 2018 shortlisting – Most effective recruitment marketing campaign

We’re thrilled to be shortlisted for the ‘Best Recruitment Marketing Campaign’ at this year’s Recruiter Awards!

The shortlisting is for a candidate attraction marketing campaign for one of our key clients, Shop Direct. The campaign focussed on effectively attracting temporary Warehouse Operatives during their peak recruiting period, in the lead up to Black Friday and Christmas 2017. 

Facing strong competition

Between mid-August and late November 2017, temporary Warehouse Operative headcount needed to dramatically increase by 1,500 workers. With many competitors recruiting in the local area for similar roles, we needed to effectively differentiate Shop Direct to attract candidates in a targeted and engaging way. 

Challenging stereotypes

Our goals from this campaign were three-fold; not simply to attract enough suitable candidates within the agreed timeframes, but to ensure Shop Direct was continually viewed as an employer of choice within the local job-seeking community. Finally, to try and uplift applications from females who stereotypically may have considered the warehouse a male-orientated environment.

Research brings understanding

In order to achieve these goals, we conducted a research project to identify exactly who our target candidates were. From this data we created detailed personas; covering attributes such as location, age, gender, hobbies and motivations. 

To really bring our campaign to life, we asked four existing Shop Direct workers (who embodied these personas) to take part in a photo and video shoot. This formed the basis of the targeted messaging and design of adverts. Through showcasing real workers who are happy, fulfilled and motivated in their roles, we hoped to attract great candidates by appealing to their emotional considerations as well as financial ones. 

Campaign go-live!

When the advertising (with tailored ad versions focussing on each persona) went live across online and offline advertising channels, we maintained regular reporting activity to ensure all was performing as expected. It was great to see the female-focussed persona as one of the best performing adverts, particularly on social media. 

Results speak for themselves

We successfully targeted more than 10,000 applications between August and November 2017, with over 2,500 booked on to an assessment centre and over 1,500 workers placed. 

Post-peak engagement surveys with the workforce also showed that they had a great experience working with Guidant Global and Shop Direct, giving a fantastic NPS score of +59!

Fingers crossed

We’re really are pleased that the planning, implementation and success of this bespoke candidate attraction campaign has been recognised with a Recruiter Awards Shortlisting. 

Winners will be announced on 3rd May 2018 – our fingers are crossed to take home the prize! 

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