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Leveraging our strategic supply partnerships for maximum resilience, agility and innovation

As a global MSP, it goes without saying that we need our recruitment supply chain to be flexible. But what does that really look like when all the chips are in play?

Well, enter 2020... Over the last few months, we have traveled no further than our backyards, worked from home, watched our kids go to school online. Needless to say: no trip to Florida this year for our annual supplier summit.

At Guidant Global, we have seen our supply partners step up by helping us continue to deliver exceptional services to our clients, with quality and agility retained in-spite of the circumstances. Quality partnerships, innovation, and collaboration really are key to our collective success.

During this time of unprecedented change, it seemed more important than ever to still get together. We wanted to celebrate our successes from the past year and talk about our vision for the future. Our North American Virtual Supplier Summit was, we felt, a fantastic way to achieve those goals.

Impacts and predictions

Guidant Global’s COO Brian Salkowski started the virtual summit by sharing the impacts and opportunities in response to COVID-19. We are now ready to take a step forward from resource continuity and begin concentrating on the impact on budgets/outcomes. Here are three key impacts:

  1. The loss of vulnerable jobs. Up to one third of all US jobs are vulnerable and 80%+ of these are held by low income workers. 
  2. Global GDP impact. The staffing industry tracks closely with global GDP. We’re often on the front end of a retraction as well as a bounce back. The top 10 global staffing markets have all taken hits to their GDP so far this year. A bounce-back is, however, forecasted across these markets in 2021.
  3. Remote work and digital transformation. The pandemic has caused a mass transition to remote work and has speeded up digital transformation at a rapid pace.

Organizations are now preparing to safely support employees as they return to work. Innovation comes from necessity. What new opportunities could come from supporting our customers in the new normal? New roles, new conversations and partnerships?
For Guidant and our supply partners, the greatest opportunity is the chance to support our customers at a higher level. We are energized to assist in the areas of workforce planning, business innovation and organization issues.

Here's to these new levels of ideas sharing and problem-solving across our organizations!

Supplier sentiment survey

Prior to the virtual event we conducted a quick supplier sentiment survey. Here are the highlights:

How has your company adapted to the challenges presented by COVID-19?

Almost all participants reported a shift to remote work. The three other top responses were increased communication with customers, Virtual screening/interviewing and lastly, increased use of social media for candidate sourcing.
Survey results for 'How has your company adapted to the challenges presented by COVID19?'

How have your customers responded to the same challenges?

Most responders said they have instituted a hiring freeze. Other responses included reduced staff levels, increased requirement for in-demand skills and staff furloughs.
Supplier Summit Survey Results for 'How have your customers responded to the same challenges?'

What do you foresee to be the biggest challenge for your business in the years ahead?

The prevailing thought here was economic instability, followed closely by shortages in highly sought-after skills like IT and digital marketing. Lastly, business transformation.
Supplier summit survey results for 'What do you foresee to be the biggest challenge to your business in the years '

Leadership panel Q&A

Following a roundup of the survey results we moved on to an interactive session with members of our leadership team to answer attendees’ most pressing questions such as:

What do you see as clients’ biggest focus in the short and long-term? What do you need from suppliers to support this?

"In the short-term, our clients are looking for quality candidates. They don't want to waste their time with candidates who are not qualified. Additionally, our clients are looking for us to be as efficient as possible. Other big areas of conversation have centered around flexibility and cost savings.

In the long-term our clients are looking for us to fulfil their appetite for innovation. We can do this by coming up with new and innovative solutions. One example: coming up with additional sourcing channels that may have been underutilized. As far as what can suppliers do to help? If you're doing something that's new and innovative, as many of you are, bring your ideas to us."

Mike Mulder, SVP Program Management

As a Trusted Workforce Advisor to your clients, do you see a dramatic, long term shift for a larger percentage of contingent workers to be 100% remote vs. office environments?

"I certainly do. I think we're going to see a lot more industries that support that like IT, though less so in industries like manufacturing. It also depends on the organization. Are they more progressive or traditional?"

Mike Anthony, VP, Strategic Accounts & Solutions

How does the Guidant team plan to control the narrative in the market about diversity and inclusion?

"I think that diversity and inclusion are top of mind and organizations are realizing that they need to incorporate diversity and inclusion more into the workforce. We are having more frank conversations with the clients about their goals. We are seeing that many have programs in place but now they're more willing to do a deeper dive into the situation."

Marie France, VP, Client Services BarPellam

2020 Outstanding Performers

Logo - Guidant Global 2020 Outstanding Performer Supplier Partner

Our annual supplier summit also offers us the opportunity to thank and recognize our outstanding performers who really went the extra mile across our programs. This year was no different and throughout this most challenging of periods, the following seven partners have delivered a stand-out service. In alphabetical order, we take out hats off to:


This diverse supplier supports 7 Guidant Global programs, and they are ranked in the top 10% of all suppliers in placements made. A few program management quotes about them include: “Excellent MSP partner.” They have “very detailed account managers and solid recruiters who are very responsive”. Congratulations to ARTECH.


This diverse supplier supports 13 Guidant Global programs, and they ranked in the top 10 in 2019 performance. “High quality. The quality of output on the skilled labor side is second to none. Willingness to be a good partner, the ability to create ad hoc solutions and huddle with MSP is phenomenal“. Congratulations, AXELON.


This next diverse supplier supports 14 Guidant Global programs and has been ranked in SIA’s best staffing firms to work for, for 9 years running. They ranked in the top 1% of all suppliers in 2019 overall spend and they are a very strong industry partner. Congratulations to Collabera.


This supplier, also diverse, ranked in the top 10 in 4 Guidant Global programs and the top 5% of all suppliers in 2019 placements. Some quotes we heard from program management: “They are a great example of taking constructive feedback and building a solution.” “Great business partner; stronger communicators, detailed; care about their workers; set a very high standard for themselves and deliver.” Congratulations to eTEAM.

Infotree Global

Diverse, ranked in the top 10 in 7 different programs and in the top 2% of all suppliers in 2019 overall spend. “Continues to provide top quality candidates and kept engaged even though new req activity is almost non-existent.” Congratulations to Infotree Global.

Johnson Service Group

Ranked in the top 3% of all suppliers in 2019 performance. “Great partner to PMO. They are willing to assist on anything required to make the program successful.” Congratulations to Johnson Service Group.

MATRIX Resources

This supplier supports 9 Guidant Global programs. Ranked in the top 3% of all suppliers in 2019 overall spend. “They do an excellent job. They are very responsive to our needs and conduct themselves in a professional manner.” Congratulations to MATRIX Resources.

Attendee feedback

As well recognizing our outstanding performers, we’d like to thank all our attendees for their valued contributions and support over the past 12 months. Here’s what a few of our partners has to say about our first virtual summit.

"I certainly appreciate how much leadership you had present on the call, and it was great to hear their perspectives on the industry moving forward."

"Enjoyed Brian’s insight on what opportunities Guidant is looking to capitalize on the other side of the pandemic."

"Thank you for truly making us feel like a partner. It sets Guidant apart from other MSPs and makes us value our partnership that much more."

Collaborative, open and honest relationships with recruitment suppliers who share our values remains key to our success and is at the top of Guidant Global’s priorities.

Until next year, when we hope to meet in person once again, thank you to all our suppliers and please keep up the great work!

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