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Guidant Global recognises outstanding recruitment suppliers at annual summit

Quality partnerships, innovation, and collaboration are key to our success, and to the success of our customers. Our annual global supplier summit is our chance to thank and recognise outstanding supplier performance, by those who went the extra mile over the past year.

As in 2020, we held our 2021 global supplier summit virtually due to Covid-19. Here are the 10 suppliers we gave thanks to for outstanding performances this year, alongside some words from our programme teams.


This supplier is ranked in the top 10 in six of our customer programmes and is in the top 10% of suppliers with placements made.

“This supplier’s account team is great to work with and provides great, top-notch candidates”


This supplier is an important global partner and is ranked in the top 5% of overall spend.

“They are an outstanding partner. When our customer went through a change in supply chain software vendors recently, we worked with them to support the numerous positions needed to drive this implementation. They provided great resources and were very easy to work with. They also are a strong partner on diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.”


This supplier is one of our top go-to suppliers globally for industry trends, sales, and tough-to-find opportunities. They ranked in the top 10 in nine programmes, and were ranked first or second in five of those. They also took home two awards at the inaugural APSCo OutSource Awards for Excellence: The Impact Award and Talent Services Partner of the Year.

“This supplier is fantastic! They go above and beyond on a regular basis. They are extremely responsive; very quick to help and provide creative solutions when needed. They are a premier partner and supplier and have consistently ranked at the top of our programme.”

Johnson Service Group

This supplier ranked in the top 5% in overall placements and the top 1% in overall spend.

“They are the hardest working partner in my programme. They will assist on any request, and have been vital for our expansion into Canada.”


This supplier is a true partner in delivery and partnership with SRM, our programme teams, and sales. They ranked in the top 10 in eight of our customer programs.

“I’ve had a great experience working with this supplier. The team has been a great partner in servicing many different locations, from light industrial to professional. They are professional, engaged, responsive and have good communication. I would highly recommend this supplier.”


This supplier ranked in the top 2% of all suppliers in placements made and top 10% in spend.

“Great to partner with. They truly get what we do and the impact they have on the programme and the end customer. I consider them to be one of those must-have supplier partners in any programme.”

Morson Talent

Based on placement data this supplier has placed the highest number of candidates into Guidant Global customer programmes. They have been instrumental in supporting some of our key customers with their delivery to date.

“Morson have been instrumental in ensuring we are able to deliver successfully to our client. They understand the type of roles we need to fill and are always willing to support.”

Pyramid Consulting

This supplier ranked in the top 5% in spend, and has been a key member of our INfluence Workforce Consortium.

“They have done great things promoting diversity, equity and inclusion by creating a world class training programme. They are a good partner, with great candidate quality and a strong conversion rate.”


This supplier is ranked in the top 5% in placements and 10% in spend.

“Great partner! They are very responsive and always willing to provide support. We have a very demanding customer with constantly changing needs. They have done a very good job of adapting quickly, and keeping their workers engaged and prepared.”

US Tech Solutions

This supplier ranked in the top 10 in seven of our customer programmes. They are in the top 1% in spend and 3% in placements.

“The team is excellent, and the reps have both been working with us for many years. Easy to work with and always a head above the rest. Definitely a go-to supplier.”

Commenting on the virtual summit, the first to recognise our suppliers on a global scale, our Chief Operating Officer Brian Salkowski said:

“Over the past 12 months, the labour challenges posed by Covid-19 have been different, but no less demanding, than those we faced in 2020. Through a year of acute global talent scarcity, our recruitment suppliers have done an incredible job of getting the right people in the right places at the right times - to enable our customers’ ongoing success.

“I’m thankful not just for these 10 outstanding suppliers but for all our invaluable recruitment supply partners across the world. With worldwide talent shortages showing no sign of abating, they will continue to play a crucial role and we look forward to working with them in 2022.”

Become a Guidant Global recruitment supplier

Collaborative, open and honest relationships with recruitment suppliers who share our values remains key to our success.

To find out more about how we work with our recruitment partners and becoming a Guidant Global supplier, visit our supplier page.

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