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The importance of communication in service provision

The world of work is ever changing, and the gig economy continues to grow across a number of international markets. In the UK alone, 4.4% of the working population have engaged in the gig economy between 2017 – 2018; roughly 2.8 million people1. As the world of work continues to shift, so too do the rights of temporary workers.

We pride ourselves on placing our customers at the centre of everything that we do, and protecting the rights of all our candidates.

The importance of this was highlighted this week, when we appeared in the press. A candidate reported having sustained an injury on their way to work. Following the injury being sustained, Guidant Global received the necessary documentation from the candidate and continues to pay Statutory Sick Pay to the candidate.

Through lagged communications to our stakeholders, this incident has demonstrated the importance of our role in ensuring the right communications are issued at the right times in order to effectively support our candidates and provide the very best service.

We understand the importance of continuously improving our communication processes to ensure the provision of a trusted service for candidates and clients around the world. We will be improving our sick pay reporting process to ensure candidates claiming SSP are made aware of their full entitlement in a prompt manner and that we continue to serve our customers effectively.

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