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Workforce Trends and the Future of Work - Join the webinar

Workforce strategies have emerged to drive the contemporary business to new heights, while the continuous evolution of automation, technology, and innovation push enterprises into an age of “faster, quicker, better.” The focus will necessarily be on identifying and leveraging the talent and technology that enable it to thrive in changing times and pave a clear path forward. Indeed, the world of work is changing, driven by the need for on-demand intelligence, processes, and, of course, talent. The new world of work is here, enabled by massive advances in talent acquisition, greater workforce management approaches, and the methods that support the execution of business strategies and heighten the impact on business results.

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Date: January 31 2019
Time: 10:00am-11:00 am (EST)


Karen Gonzalez, SVP Global Solutions, Guidant Global
Chris Dwyer, VP of Research, Ardent Partners

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