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Riding the Recession

Setting up an agile contingent workforce strategy

Recently Guidant Global’s COO Brian Salkowski was asked to contribute to Global Talent Economy Report from Raconteur and published in The Times. 

In his article, he raises the point, that despite fear of major economies either sliding into or who are already in a recession, no-one seems to have told the recruitment market. The UK market alone has its lowest unemployment rate since 1974 in July 2022 whilst the US recorded an above forecast increase in Nonfarm payrolls in August. 

Veteran of the global talent acquisition market, Salkowski sees the same hiring patterns during a downturn. He confirmed that the more savvy organisations either look towards expanding and evolving their contingent workforce, while at the same time filling in any operational gaps. These are non-permanent staff members including contractors and service providers. 


“When there is uncertainty, there is a need for heightened agility 

             and the contingent workforce is the prescription.”


Evolving your contingent workforce offers the flexibility and the nimbleness needed to move with economic ebbs and flows. The balance is to lessen the negative impact of the recessionary cycle by buying in labour, services, knowledge and expertise to add to your existing core workforce aligned to the essential nature of your business.  

You can read the full article and download your own copy of Global Talent Economy Report here. The interactive report is full of insights, tips from a host of employment industry experts on a multitude of topics any c-suite member or workforce leader planning their 2023 strategy would benefit from reading.   

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