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Level up your statement of work services procurement

More businesses than ever are using statement of work to drive outcome-based value from their services procurement.

But as projects fall behind budget and schedule and a lack of visibility and control affects the quality of outputs, procurement leaders must now ask:

How can we get more value from our SOW activity?

In this recorded webinar, Mick Feild, our Global VP of Services Procurement, Sally Guyer, the Global CEO at World Commerce & Contracting, and Procurious Founder Tania Seary discuss ways for organisations to maximise ROI from their SOW procurement.

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Watch the recording to learn:

  • The business benefits of outcome-based SOW services procurement
  • How Covid-19 upended contract management, and what’s changed since
  • How a VMS and other technologies can help drive impactful change around SOW
  • How to engage the right people, for the right project, with your statement of work

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