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Business Reporter: New work new danger

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated remote work, and while the future is still uncertain, this trend is likely to remain. The abrupt shift to working in a more familiar environment not only heightens existing cyber risks, but also presents new risks for enterprises.

Guidant Global is pleased to bring you a special report by Business Reporter, ‘New work new danger’, published in the Daily Telegraph.

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This edition of Business Reporter featuring Guidant Global COO Brian Salkowski, along with expert contributors from the world of HR, tech and talent management, explores how working from home can open up new threats for both organisations and employees and how to navigate the shifting sands of an evolving workforce landscape.

Key features include:

  • How the future of work rests within organisational intelligence
  • The digital transformation of the hybrid workplace
  • Five ways the contingent workforce has evolved post-COVID
  • Why a digital approach can help SMEs take control in today’s climate
  • Why the good mental health of your employees can be your most important asset in turbulent times
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