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If there were any doubts about the importance of agility to organisational success, the Covid-19 pandemic has surely put them to bed. Being able to quickly flex and adapt workforce management strategies, to meet wider organisational goals, is now a clear competitive advantage.

But what are agile businesses able to do that their competitors can’t? And how can businesses make better use of the contingent workforce to improve their agility?

To answer these questions, we bring you Competing through agility: the role of the agile temporary workforce - a special white paper written by global CPO community Procurement Leaders in collaboration with Guidant Global’s workforce solutions experts.

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With contributions and insights from Guidant Global COO Brian Salkowski, VP Client Services Marie France, and SVP Program Management Mike Mulder, this paper presents the compelling case for improving agility - and shows why businesses can’t afford to wait.

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  • contingent labour is empowering businesses to adopt a more agile approach
  • internal capabilities can be augmented by leveraging an external workforce
  • MSPs help businesses improve contingent workforce processes and deliver at pace
  • to think creatively in order to overcome the challenges of tight labour markets and niche role requirements
  • three Guidant Global clients have harnessed contingent labour to improve agility.

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