The State of Contingent Workforce Management 2018-2019: The Pursuit of an Agile Workforce 

Produced in collaboration with Ardent Partners research and analysts, this report presents a comprehensive, industry-wide view into what is happening in the world of today's contingent workforce based on the responses of 270 procurement, human resources, talent acquisition, and other business leaders.

Over the past decade, new and exciting workforce strategies have emerged to drive the contemporary business to new heights and as businesses plan for the future, the focus will necessarily be on identifying and leveraging the talent and technology that enable it to thrive in changing times and pave a clear path forward.

Today’s contingent workforce is markedly different than historic commodity-led days, considering the vast scope of talent that now fits into this arena - from freelancers and independent contractors to professional services and “gig” workers. 

Thus understanding the evolving contingent workforce is critical, as its inherent agility is the answer to the market transformation question many business are now asking.

The report is split into four chapters, covering:

  • The new world of work
  • The evolution of work
  • Best-in-class contingent workforce management
  • Strategies for success

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Ardent Partners

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Actively covering the supply management marketplace, they produces research to help business decision-makers understand both industry best practices, how to improve performance and the technology landscape; ultimately helping a business to identify the best-fit solution for their specific needs.

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