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What is outsourcing? Our outsourcing solutions explained

Workforce solutions: your future protected

Driving your growth, your people differentiate you from the competition. You need to attract, recruit and retain the best you can. With millennials demanding new ways of working, global skills shortages and ever-newer technology disrupting everything, talent acquisition has never been more challenging. The right outsourcing partner can provide the strategic expertise, global scale and streamlined processes to help future proof your business.


Managed Service Provider: strategy management of your non-employee workforce

From freelancers and contractors to business consultants, 40% of today’s workforce is comprised of non-employees. A Managed Service Provider (MSP) designs, implements and manages your non-employee talent solution from recruitment process optimisation and supply chain management, to program analytics and cost control. MSPs provide you with the best talent at the best price by creating and managing an optimised non-employee program for you.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing: more quality for less resource

When sourcing permanent employees, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) maximises the quality of your hires while minimising the resources needed to identify, attract and recruit them. Operating either in partnership with your existing talent acquisition team, or as an alternative resource, RPO teams are often based on-site, enabling them to become fully embedded in your culture. 

Statement of Work: accessing external expertise with internal control

Responding to increasing workforce complexity, organisations are turning to MSPs to manage contracts for professional service and deliverable based solution providers. Known as Statement of Work (SOW) or Services Procurement projects, this approach enables you to access precisely the expertise you need – wherever, whenever – through a disciplined process that improves visibility, controls costs, manages risk and maximises productivity.