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MSPs often neglect suppliers. At Guidant Global, we do things differently. We partner. We collaborate. We nurture.

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Award winning SRM 

Our supplier and strategic partner relationships have helped us win APSCo’s coveted RPO/MSP of the Year Award four times – and three awards in consecutive years — the only RPO/MSP to ever achieve this!

We’re well-versed in assuming control of existing supply chains and preferred supplier lists, giving them the opportunity to supply within a Guidant MSP program. We then install governance that allows us to review performance so we can refine the supply chain to include only the very best suppliers.

Using our INfluence. Driving inclusion through supplier diversity

Our INfluence Supplier Diversity Program has a vital role to play in nurturing more minority suppliers into our supply chain. Working in a two-year partnership, Guidant Global provides selected diverse suppliers with multiple tools to help them achieve greater success and the platform to build mutually beneficial relationships with our clients to help inform and support their ED&I goals.

Suppliers driving candidate diversity

We work with pre-selected suppliers to create a set of diversity metrics which both Guidant and the supplier commit to. For example – if the client is focusing on driving female representation in an area of their workforce, our suppliers agree that 3 out of 5 candidates submitted will be women.  

Aligning suppliers to Impellam’s ED&I UNITY program

At Impellam we have UNITY – our internal ED&I program. UNITY brings our people together to build communities, find allies across our regions, to raise awareness and champion change. Our BRG’s (business resource groups) align to each protected characteristic (and more, such as veterans). We align strategically suitable suppliers to each BRG area, based on the accreditations they hold and initiatives the supplier promotes. 

This is designed to both extend the reach of our BRG’s but to also help clients find capable suppliers who can help drive specific areas of diverse talent into their workforces. 

Supporting growth

Our Ascend program is designed to identify a small number of suppliers each year and forge a deeper partnership, resulting in growth and brand amplification for both Guidant and the supplier. We achieve this through access to a host of Guidant resources, alignment of shared values, shared intelligence and collaboration across our teams, especially with Sales.

Outstanding supplier satisfaction

Outstanding supplier satisfaction

In our annual survey of 1,900+ global recruitment suppliers, in 2023 Guidant Global received an outstanding net promoter score (NPS) of +65 with suppliers of top 80% of global spend.

Become a supplier

We only work with the very best recruitment suppliers. Like-minded partners that share our candidate-centric approach. If you would like to know more about becoming a Guidant Global supply partner, get in touch.


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