Guidant Global’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

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Guidant is committed to conducting its business with integrity, in an ethical and responsible manner and we partner with customers who share these same values, providing safe workplaces for our contractors and employees. 

We are committed to operating responsibly, sustainably and ethically. This is translated into effective business practices that exceed legal obligations and industry expectations and are entirely supported, and often led by, Guidant’s Senior Leadership team. We believe that this commitment actively helps to promote business growth. 

Our goal is not simply to support CSR initiatives but to pioneer and champion them by proactively working to improve operational practices and increasing the understanding of our employees, our candidates, our suppliers and our customers. These initiatives aren’t just standalone events, but are imbedded in our business practices and form a key part of our overall business strategy.


Guidant employees are able to take days out of their everyday roles to support CSR initiatives. We work in collaboration with our customers, allowing our employees to participate in disability initiative days out. Our employees are also encouraged to take part in Business in the Community schemes and other charity schemes. We actively promote Guidant employees to take part in a variety of charity fundraising events for selected charities. 

We are committed to keeping our employees happy, healthy and productive in their work. We regularly review our health and safety policies, so that we fully comply with health and safety legislation. We value our employees’ work/life balance, and through regular meetings with line managers, we help our employees to establish this and work to their full potential. 


As a recruitment organisation we acknowledge our privileged position and the influence we have in shaping the UK’s workforce. This is why we feel it is our responsibility to act as ambassadors and lead by example in demonstrating the right behaviours and thought leadership in this field, ensuring everyone has an equal opportunity to work with us and with our customers.

Guidant has achieved the Clear Company’s ‘Proud to be Clear Assured Status’ which is a nationally recognised standard in inclusive recruitment. Guidant achieved this status for changes it has made to its own recruitment process and for training employees to feel more confident in guiding people with disabilities through the recruitment process, ensuring they have an equal opportunity to apply for roles and ultimately gain employment.  


Guidant is committed to working with all its customers in their own CSR initiatives, supporting them with inclusivity events. We are heavily involved in fundraising events, working in partnership to promote diversity and inclusivity. 


For the work Guidant has done promoting disability initiatives within the recruitment industry and with its supply partners, the Government’s Department for Work and Pensions recognised Guidant as the UK’s first Disability Confident RPO/MSP organisation. 

In 2016 Guidant was awarded APSCo’s Disability Best Practice award and in 2016 and 2018 the Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative recognised Guidant with the industry’s Disability Confident award, acknowledging Guidant’s efforts in creating awareness of disability in the workplace and driving initiatives to influence change.


We actively encourage diversity throughout our business, with equal opportunities afforded to all of our employees. Guidant provides a safe workplace, where there is no discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, gender, age, religion, disability or ethnicity. 

We believe that our business benefits significantly from this approach, which is an area of vital importance for both Guidant and our customers. 

Environment & sustainable development 
We consider Guidant to be a low-risk business in terms of the impact we have on the environment. We are, however, committed to following best practices in the day-to-day conduct of our business, including the use of sustainable and recyclable materials wherever possible. We are committed to following industry best practices and have achieved ISO14001 accreditation for our environmental management systems. 

We also have sustainable development processes in place to reduce travel and increase use of technology, such as flexible working policies and video conferencing facilities. 


To maintain quality, we monitor and follow best practice guidelines from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), as well as other industry sources.

Our in-house Compliance team is committed to monitoring our procedures and policies, making sure these align with best practice guidelines, and are followed by all employees throughout the business. 

Senior level commitment

This policy will be regularly reviewed and updated, and is actively supported by the Senior Leadership team at Guidant. We understand the importance of CSR and are passionate about maintaining a consistent CSR policy in practice. 


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