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Workforce solutions that put people first

We champion a better, more forward-thinking way of working; it’s time to move away from the embedded staffing industry mentality of ‘recruitment by numbers’ and take a wider perspective, by shifting the focus to people – the vibrant force that drives thriving businesses and creates energy and opportunity.

What we do - MSP, RPO and SOW

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Insights into the world at work

We are the driving force behind some of the world’s most dynamic companies. In our three-decade history we’ve learned a lot about the world of work. Share in our accumulated insight, research and knowledge.

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How we deliver a better way

All of our workforce solutions are delivered based on the unique challenges of each client. Not the one-size-fits-all, quick-fix, impersonal approach that prevails in our industry.

Quite simply, we know there is a better way; which makes us more than just workforce solution specialists. We listen, understand and advise. And we build relationships based on trust.

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The MSP handbook – a guide for first-generation buyers

This first guide in our series on MSP will give you the full picture of a first-generation MSP solution, so you can not only learn everything there is to know about MSP, but ultimately, make the best decision for you and your business.

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The human connection: why meaning is so important to work

Meaning increases motivation drives productivity and enhances employee engagement. But what can a business do to make work meaningful for its people? Download our guide to find out:

  1. Why pay is no longer the principal motivator for workers
  2. How meaning at work is psychologically tied to our childhood experiences
  3. How more meaningful work improves overall business performance
  4. What your business can do to increase meaning for your employees

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Work your way.

Guidant Global can offer you exclusive access to jobs with the world’s best employers. Visit our careers hub to find out more.

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