Vision. A powerful, personalized data ecosystem.

Vision is powerful. A dataset built from your own workforce data and that of thousands of global suppliers’ integral performance data, past and present.

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Guidant Global’s proprietary data and analytics suite

Guidant Global’s proprietary data and analytics suite

Vision brings powerful, personalized visibility to your workforce and the data you need to take your workforce program to the next level. Vision is composed of two dashboards: Supplier Vision and Workforce Vision.

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Supplier Vision

Supplier Vision

Supplier Vision helps suppliers reach their true potential. Displaying performance data, it allows suppliers to benchmark their performance on client programs and within the market. It also shows clients anonymized data on how suppliers are performing elsewhere.

This transparency enhances both parties with insight and guidance to make data-led business decisions.

Workforce Vision

Workforce Vision

Workforce Vision drills down into the nitty gritty, helping our clients shape a better business future through exhaustive visibility of their contingent and SOW/Services Procurement workforces. With the ability to analyze, identify, and improve, clients can boost talent quality and discover new performance opportunities, making more enriching business decisions.

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