6 Talent Tech Trends For 2021 & Beyond

6 Talent Tech Trends For 2021 & Beyond

A detailed report for tech stacks where we believe innovation, growth, and investment will be at its highest.


During this pandemic, organisations, including ours, had to quickly decide if our tech stack was optimised and capable of supporting remote work globally. Technology is, now more than ever before, the facilitator that allows us to respond now, and in the future, with speed and accuracy.

Direct from our tech experts, this report will provide insight on the tech trends every HR and Procurement leader should be aware of! If you are responsible for your organisation's workforce management, make sure you are up to speed with these 6 key talent tech trends for 2021 and beyond.


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Have you been looking for ways to remove bias from the hiring process and more accurately test an individual’s strengths for developing new skills?

Do you need to seamlessly vet technical skills and validate candidate credentials in a remote world?

Can your organisation benefit from emerging talent strategies that connect you with top talent in a fast, flexible and cost effective way?

This report will provide guidance on the technology providers who are able to deliver, along with other trends to look out for in 2021 and beyond. 

What's covered in this report

  • Testing and assessment tools for the future of work
  • Direct sourcing and freelance marketplace technologies
  • The changing ownership of data and its impact on new tech
  • Realising the true power of data and analytics

Access your copy of the report by filling in the form opposite


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