Building a business case: MSP

Building a business case: MSP

How to gain approval and reach your contingent workforce goals


A detailed guide that serves as a roadmap for organisations to build a successful case for outsourced MSP services 

The number of contingent workers continues to rise globally. More and more organisations are choosing flexibility and short-term projects over traditional, full-time employment. The need to manage this population in a strategic, thoughtful way is critical to compete for resources and stay competitive. 

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Have you been looking for ways to increase candidate quality and engagement, find cost savings, rationalise your supply base, and reduce compliance risk? 

Do you lack an efficient, centralised way to track and manage your entire contingent workforce?

Can your organisation benefit from being more agile and flexible with the disruption taking place around the world?

This guide details the exact steps required to build a business case to bring in an MSP provider to address all of this and more. 

What's covered in the guide

  • What’s required to build a successful business case based on working with hundreds of global private and public sector organisations
  • How to build a problem definition, project recommendations, assess ROI, and determine project scope, goals, and objectives
  • How to understand project risks that may arise and how to address them
  • How the business case should align with organisational strategic goals

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