Business Reporter: Automatic for the people

Business Reporter: Automatic for the people

The coronavirus pandemic has been the architect of many changes for businesses and has increased the rate at which they happen.


None more so than the speed at which the fourth industrial revolution is taking place, making it the ideal time to show your employees you care.

We’re pleased to bring you this special report by Business Reporter, Automatic for the people, distributed with The Economist.


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This edition of Business Reporter’s Future of Work series features Guidant Global COO Brian Salkowski, along with contributors from the world of HR, tech and talent management. It explores how establishing trust and embracing a contingent workforce, while planning for change, can help businesses to navigate one of the most challenging periods they’ve ever faced.

Key features include:

  • Navigating digital transformation and the fourth industrial revolution.
  • Embracing the golden age of contingent workforces.
  • How business leaders should lead from the front when it comes to mental health.
  • The race for office space.
  • How to pay attention to your biggest untapped resource, your staff.
  • Why hybrid working is so much more than a choice between the office and home.


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