Creating an RFP for outsourced workforce solutions - part 1

Creating an RFP for outsourced workforce solutions - part 1

The aim of this guide is simple: to help you understand and structure an RFP in a way that gives you the highest likelihood of finding an outsourced partner who delivers the right outsourced solution for your organisation.


If you would like further support or advice in creating your RFP - be that assessing your challenges to define clear objective and appropriate goals, or strategies to help you in obtaining the data required for a great RFP – we are here to help.

HR and procurement experts are no stranger to RFPs. Whether you’re the one writing them, issuing them, or you’re assessing bids, learning what makes for an exceptional RFP can have a big impact on the quality of solutions you receive. Without the right research, objectives and structure, an RFP will rarely deliver proposals that truly meet your staffing needs. All too often, people working in HR and procurement are left with an uncomfortable compromise. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Based on our experience of responding to over a thousand RFPs from both public and private sector organisations from across the globe, this in-depth guide to creating an RFP for outsourced workforce solutions is the best place to start. Though no two RFPs are the same (and this guide is far from a copy-and-paste, one-size-fits-all RFP template), there are some actions that can be employed to ensure that an RFP attracts outsourced workforce solutions that truly align with the business need.

In Part 1 of the ‘Creating an RFP for outsourced workforce solutions’ guide, we’ll cover the following five sections: General information RFP instructions Scope Worker utilisation data Goals and objectives These sections, in combination with Part 2 – which will be published next month – provide all the information you’ll ever need to ensure that your business receives the best outsourced workforce solution.

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