Creating an RFP for outsourced workforce solutions - part 2

Creating an RFP for outsourced workforce solutions - part 2

In Part 2 of the complete guide, we explore the key components of every successful RFP not discussed already in Part 1.


These are Mandatory requirements General organisational requirements (scored) Customer references and satisfaction (scored) MSP capabilities (scored) Cost proposal (scored).

By the end of Part 2, you should have all the tools, knowledge and insight necessary for creating an effective RFP. Not only will you be able to create clarity for outsourced solution providers, but ultimately, you will ensure that you acquire the right solution for your business.

As a procurement or HR professional, to ensure that your business gets the best outsourced talent solution, you need to create an effective RFP.

Businesses may have been using RFPs for decades, but for professionals writing RFPs, the process is still complex and time-consuming. With a more methodical, structured approach, however, you can ensure that every RFP issued produces the best bids, and ultimately, the best business outcomes.

If you would like further support or advice in creating your RFP - be that assessing your challenges to define clear objective and appropriate goals, or strategies to help you in obtaining the data required for a great RFP – we are here to help.

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