Driving DE&I in the contingent workforce: 12 winning strategies

Driving DE&I in the contingent workforce: 12 winning strategies

In this report, we look into the how’s and why’s of contingent workforce Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) and offer 12 strategies for success - based on insight from those who have “walked the walk”. 


Over the last decade, a great deal of effort went into improving representation among the permanent workforce. Their contingent counterparts, on the other hand, have sometimes been overlooked.

However, with reliance on contingent workers growing, failing to drive diversity in the contingent workforce will be detrimental to innovation, sustainability and the competitiveness of an organisation.

It can’t be overlooked that temporary resources have great potential to become permanent employees – offering a highly-engaged and qualified talent pool. Alienating any portion of the workforce when you’re already struggling to recruit makes no sense. 

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  • The driving forces behind DE&I
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  • 12 strategies to drive DE&I in the contingent workforce
  • Moving the CW DE&I dial 

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