Guide to accessible online recruitment

Guide to accessible online recruitment

A practical guide for employers on how to make their online recruitment practices inclusive and open to all.


Is digital technology playing a bigger role than ever in your talent acquisition? From company websites and social media channels to video interview and assessment tools, finding and hiring people is becoming an increasingly online process.

But where does this leave disabled candidates who face barriers accessing information and completing forms and assessments online? How can you make your online recruitment experience inclusive and accessible to all?

In this guide, Guidant Global’s talent acquisition specialists join forces with Recite Me’s web accessibility experts to bring you a comprehensive guide to accessible online recruitment.

What’s covered in this guide?

  • Why online access barriers are such a problem
  • The barriers that employment candidates face
  • Why inclusivity is so important (and beneficial)
  • 5 ways to provide an inclusive candidate journey
  • How web accessibility technologies can help

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