Increasing Services Procurement Efficiency

Increasing Services Procurement Efficiency

There are more ways for a business to access people with the skills and talent they need than ever before.


In addition to the permanent workforce, organizations can make use of an array of traditional service providers, contingent workforce resources, and freelancer specialists to deliver their organizational goals.

Successful services procurement recognizes this diversity of options and optimizes them. By leveraging and combining the different fulfilment models, an organization can ensure that it has access to the talent it needs, in the right form and at an efficient price.  

This new whitepaper created in partnership with Art of Procurement will demonstrate how any organization can increase services procurement efficiency to meet business needs with an adaptable approach that moves with your business.   

Access your copy to discover: 

  • How to manage services procurement complexity 
  • Services procurement performance indicators 
  • Best practices 
  • How best to manage stakeholder expectations

    And more! 

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