The Complete Guide to Direct Sourcing

The Complete Guide to Direct Sourcing

This guide will give you all the key elements that you need to know about Advanced Direct Sourcing.


At a time when it is more challenging than ever to source the best quality talent and maintain a skilled and diverse workforce, Advanced Direct Sourcing could help overcome a majority of your key challenges.


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The guide covers:

  • What Advanced Direct Sourcing is, in 5 easy stages
  • How Advanced Direct Sourcing reduces costs and time-to-fill
  • How Advanced Direct Sourcing increases talent quality and candidate experiences
  • How Advanced Direct Sourcing unlocks the power of DE&I
  • The best uses of Advanced Direct Sourcing
  • Advanced Direct Sourcing best practices
  • Overcoming common barriers to Direct Sourcing

“Positive indications from early adopters hint at gains in all dimensions, including candidate quality, process efficiency, program cost and hiring visibility.” 

- Staffing Industry Analysts, Achieving Excellence in Direct Sourcing for the Contingent Workforce 

“Direct sourcing is primed to become a revolutionary means of tapping into highly skilled, on-demand talent in the face of global uncertainty and business disruption. As businesses strive to reduce hard recruitment costs and build an agile workforce, direct sourcing will quickly become a primary channel for organizations to facilitate deeper alignments between available talent and work that needs to be done.” 

- Ardent Partners, The Direct Sourcing Toolkit 

Complete the form to get your copy of The Complete Guide to Advanced Direct Sourcing 


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