The MSP handbook – a guide for first-generation buyers

The MSP handbook – a guide for first-generation buyers

This first guide in our series on MSP will give you the full picture of a first-generation MSP solution, so you can not only learn everything there is to know about MSP, but ultimately, make the best decision for you and your business.


Download our guide to learn:

  • What an MSP solution really means for your business
  • Why more businesses are embracing MSP
  • How the rise of temporary and contingent workers is changing the world of work
  • How to build a successful business case for MSP
  • How to successfully choose an MSP partner that aligns with your company culture


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We have entered a new age 
The rise of flexible talent is difficult to ignore for businesses across the globe. As a result of global skills shortages, digital disruption, economic uncertainty, and a desire for flexible work among new generations entering our workforce, temporary and contracted talent is no longer a supplement to a business’ fixed, permanent workforce. Instead, contingent workers have a stronger foothold within businesses, and in many cases, are driving real organisational change.

According to Deloitte’s Global Human capital trends report:

  • 42% of 11,000 respondents reported their business was primarily made up of permanent employees
  • 50% were using a significant number of contracted workers
  • 23% were using a significant number of freelancers
  • 13% of businesses using a significant amount of gig workers

The rapid rise of flexible talent is massively beneficial to businesses. But this trend also adds complexity, especially as large organisations engage talent across multiple functions. 

The Rapid rise of the MSP market 
The rise of the contingent workforce has mirrored the maturity of the MSP market, with further growth expected as businesses become more flexible. 

Globally, businesses from every sector — from retail to pharmaceuticals — are partnering with an MSP to manage their expanding contingent workforce. To remain competitive, engaging with an MSP should be a major discussion point for any organisation utilising contingent talent.

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Delivering big benefits for businesses
As with any key strategic investment, deciding whether to partner with a managed service provider should not be a decision taken lightly. For it to be worthwhile, it needs to provide a business with measurable impact.

Considering an MSP?

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