Achieving Global Program Centralisation and Efficiency in the Life Sciences Industry

This case study highlights the successful partnership between Guidant Global and a leading Global 200 life sciences company specialising in agricultural solutions. By implementing a centralised talent platform, we’ve helped this customer to achieve improved contingent workforce quality, efficiency, and significant cost savings on a global scale.

Previous State Challenges: 

Before engaging Guidant Global, the life sciences company faced several challenges in managing their contingent workforce programme:

1. Disparate Processes and Limited Global Headcount Visibility: The company operated a self-managed programme that lacked standardised processes, resulting in a fragmented approach. The absence of centralised data made it difficult to track and manage the global headcount effectively.

2. Inadequate Programme Governance: The programme suffered from a lack of governance, which led to issues in rate and cost management, supply chain practices, and contract compliance. This absence of oversight increased risks and hindered overall efficiency.

3. Compliance and Risk Mitigation Gaps: The company lacked robust compliance measures, risk mitigation strategies, and standard operating procedures, exposing the organisation to unnecessary risks and potential non-compliance.

4. Limited VMS Functionality and Administration: The existing talent programme did not have the full functionality of a Vendor Management System (VMS), limiting its potential for growth and return on investment (ROI).

The Guidant Global Solution: 

To address these challenges and deliver a comprehensive talent solution, Guidant Global proposed a phased deployment approach tailored to the client's specific needs and priorities. The key elements of the solution included:

1. Access and Management of Diverse Talent Categories: Guidant Global's solution encompassed the management of all talent categories required by the life sciences company, including temporary labour, independent contractors, payroll workers, statement of work and services procurement, alumni talent pooling, and BPO support. Increasing diverse supplier spend was also a key priority. 

2. Phased Implementation: The solution was implemented in a phased manner to ensure seamless integration with the client's existing systems and processes. The initial focus was on upgrading the contingent workforce platform for agency workers in North America. Subsequently, the solution was expanded to cover SOW, facility management providers, profile management, independent contractors, and payroll solutions. Detailed assessments were conducted for key European markets, and light industrial and professional talent were integrated into the programme later that year.

3. Direct Sourcing and Talent Cloud Platform: To enhance the talent acquisition process, Guidant Global designed and deployed a direct sourcing platform specifically tailored for niche roles. This platform featured an integrated talent cloud and talent curation by Guidant, enabling the client to access specialised talent more cost effectively, quickly, and efficiently.

4. Change Management and Supplier Relationship Management: Guidant Global prioritised change management by conducting extensive road shows, providing education and training, and hosting Q&A sessions. The Supplier Relationship Management team also invested significant effort in engaging and supporting the supply base, ensuring compliance, talent supply, and programme participation. This high-touch programme management approach facilitated successful adoption of the programme.

Field Labour Solution: 

Field labour presented a unique challenge due to its 121 distinct locations. To ensure smooth operations, Guidant Global introduced a strategic approach. In the first year, a Master Vendor (sole provider) was assigned to each location, enabling effective demand planning, sourcing/recruitment, safety awareness, orientation, and other critical tasks. This model proved highly successful and will be expanded further.

Results and Future Outlook: 

By partnering with Guidant Global, the life sciences company achieved global programme centralisation, improved quality and efficiency, and extensive cost savings. The centralised talent platform, along with the phased implementation, facilitated enhanced governance, compliance, and risk mitigation. The success of the programme expansion was driven by effective change management, high-touch program management philosophy, and the strategic approach to field labour management.

The partnership between our life sciences customer and Guidant Global has yielded significant results. The centralised talent platform and the phased implementation approach have streamlined processes, improved programme governance, and enhanced compliance and risk mitigation. Through extensive road shows, education, training, and supplier relationship management, the programme has achieved successful adoption and participation. 

Key highlights include: 

  • $205MM cost saving and cost avoidance since programme inception. 
  • Annual cost saving of 4% and cost avoidance of 21% in 2022.
  • Increased supplier diversity engagement and diverse spend now exceeding KPI by 6.5%. 

Leveraging the customer’s employer brand to build and engage a 14,000 strong contingent talent pool through direct sourcing, resulting in faster fill rates at lower costs (13% savings vs. the fully recruited markup). Looking ahead, the success achieved in this partnership sets a strong foundation for future growth and expansion. The life sciences company now has access to all categories of contingent talent, industry best practices, and standard operating procedures through Guidant Global's talent platform. With continued collaboration, the programme is well-positioned to drive further cost savings, efficiency gains, and global programme ROI.