Achieving Global Program Centralization and Efficiency in the Life Sciences Industry

This case study highlights the successful partnership between Guidant Global and a leading Global 200 life sciences company specializing in agricultural solutions. By implementing a centralized talent platform, we’ve helped this customer to achieve improved contingent workforce quality, efficiency, and significant cost savings on a global scale.

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Company Revenue

50.74 billion EUR




Life sciences


cost saving and cost avoidance since program inception

21% cost avoidance

4% annual cost saving in 2022


strong contingent talent pool through direct sourcing

Increased supplier diversity

engagement and diverse spend. Exceeding KPI by 6.5%

Before engaging Guidant Global, the life sciences company faced several challenges in managing their contingent workforce program:
1. Disparate Processes and Limited Global Headcount Visibility: The company operated a self-managed program that lacked standardized processes, resulting in a fragmented approach. The absence of centralized data made it difficult to track and manage the global headcount effectively.
2. Inadequate Program Governance: The program suffered from a lack of governance, which led to issues in rate and cost management, supply chain practices, and contract compliance. This absence of oversight increased risks and hindered overall efficiency.
3. Compliance and Risk Mitigation Gaps: The company lacked robust compliance measures, risk mitigation strategies, and standard operating procedures, exposing the organization to unnecessary risks and potential non-compliance.
4. Limited VMS Functionality and Administration: The existing talent program did not have the full functionality of a Vendor Management System (VMS), limiting its potential for growth and return on investment (ROI).

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