Beating Talent Scarcity in Aviation: Guidant Global's Adult Apprenticeship Scheme

Recruiting more than ever before within a tough, shrinking talent pool

As Airbus’ main strategic procurement partner for their contingent workforce, we’ve been helping them employ hundreds of Skilled Aircraft Fitters for over 20 years in Broughton, a village in North Wales. While the Skilled Aircraft Fitter role follows a strict criteria, Airbus also faces a tough, rapidly shrinking pool of talent in today’s current landscape.

For 2023, Airbus is recruiting more than ever before: 150 Skilled Aircraft Fitters – the highest it’s ever been for its contingent workforce. 

Developing a workforce of our own 

To alleviate some of Airbus’ 2023’s recruitment, Guidant Global have partnered with Coleg Cambria to upskill 20 Semi-skilled Aircraft Fitters (who are a step down from the skilled position) through a 3½ year adult apprenticeship scheme. 98 applications have been received which is 57% of our semi-skilled contingent workforce.

Every month, Guidant Global will be checking in with the college to get a better understanding of the progress that’s been made and if any adjustments need to be implemented.

What it takes to be a Skilled Aircraft Fitter

  • Full Apprenticeship in Aerospace or relevant Engineering discipline.
  • Previous experience in a similar role such as Sheet Metal Workers, Metal Fabricators, Welders or Mechanical Fitters.
  • You must hold one of the following qualifications: Indenture and City & Guilds Level 2, BTEC ONC or Modern Apprenticeship Certificate, NVQ Level 2, 3, Key Skills level 2 and City & Guilds Level 2/BTEC ONC in a recognised engineering field. 

Benefits of the apprenticeship programme

For Airbus:

  • Develop, train and shape a workforce of its existing loyal workforce into skilled talent equipped with all the skills necessary and specific to Airbus.
  • Airbus will be able to start training workers on skilled sections within the first year of the programme.
  • No cost incurred for the apprenticeship scheme thanks to the utilisation of the apprenticeship funding made available through the Welsh Government.
  • Only five days are required for learners to be taken out of work over the 3½ year programme creating minimal disruption. 

For learners:

  • For those aged over 25, this is an extremely rare adult apprenticeship opportunity to upskill and gain three qualifications while working on the job and towards a promotion.
  • Receive three pay uplifts throughout the 3½ year programme in line with their development.
  • College presence onsite at Airbus Broughton to provide support.
  • The programme is a combination of self-study, online modules and a weekly 3-hour class in their final 24 months wrapped around Airbus shift schedules.

Applicant Testimonies

"Going more in depth with the theory behind aeronautical engineering this has always been something I aspired to since working at Airbus 6 years ago. I have gained the optimum level of knowledge and experience I can as a Semi-skilled Aircraft Fitter and it’s time to take the next step. I would also like to be an inspiration to my female friends and show that women in this industry can thrive and be successful."

"Having been at Airbus for nearly 10 years, I’m ready to do all I can to help grow with the business and challenge myself. There is a lot more I can and want to learn. By being on this programme, I’ll be looking to gain new ideas to help Airbus and hopefully become a permanent member of staff one day."

"I have always wanted the opportunity to complete an Adult Apprenticeship since I first started working in 2011. I have a good understanding of Airbus’ processes but completing the programme will help improve my depth of knowledge, the skills I learn and the quality of my workmanship."


Kate Holthofer, HR Business Lead, Airbus:

"The Adult Apprenticeship is a fantastic programme which has for many years given Airbus employees at Broughton an opportunity to enhance their skills. I am delighted that Guidant Global and Airbus Operations Ltd are offering Guidant employees an Adult Apprenticeship.

This will nurture the talent we already have within the business by providing them with training, qualifications and everything else they need to develop. This programme will help to future-proof the business by upskilling existing employees, which can help to prevent a skills gap appearing in the future"


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