Beating Talent Scarcity in Aviation: Guidant Global's Adult Apprenticeship Scheme

"The Adult Apprenticeship is a fantastic program which has for many years given Airbus employees at Broughton an opportunity to enhance their skills. I am delighted that Guidant Global and Airbus Operations Ltd are offering Guidant employees an Adult Apprenticeship.
This will nurture the talent we already have within the business by providing them with training, qualifications and everything else they need to develop. This program will help to future-proof the business by upskilling existing employees, which can help to prevent a skills gap appearing in the future"

Kate Holthofer, HR Business Lead, Airbus

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150 Skilled

Aircraft Fitters in 2023 recruited


of our semi-skilled contingent workforce applied for training

Preventing future skills gaps

in this critical area of Airbus’ workforce

As Airbus’ main strategic procurement partner for their contingent workforce, we’ve been helping them employ hundreds of Skilled Aircraft Fitters for over 20 years in Broughton, a village in North Wales. While the Skilled Aircraft Fitter role follows a strict criteria, Airbus also faces a tough, rapidly shrinking pool of talent in today’s current landscape.
For 2023, Airbus is recruiting more than ever before: 150 Skilled Aircraft Fitters – the highest it’s ever been for its contingent workforce.

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