Driving continuous innovation and cost savings

We’re delivering ongoing value and driving growth thanks to our long-term MSP partnership.

Guidant Global has been working with our client, a US outsourcing company and a major US government contractor, since 2007. We began with a modest two projects. Since then, we’ve worked together on hundreds of contingent labor initiatives, including a project screening, vetting and onboarding workers for a Covid contact tracing contract, as well as identifying and staffing their first European headquarters.

Our 2022 MSP program results at a glance

Today our team supports the sourcing of contingent resources across their Call Center, Administrative, IT, Professional and Clinical skill categories, and during 2022 Guidant delivered the following key highlights.

Being in this partnership for the long term means we take the time to listen to and understand our client’s challenges before designing a bespoke workforce management solution that meets their needs. And as our partnership has evolved, we’ve been able to apply our learnings to new projects. For example, we developed a rapid-response model to support our client’s hurricane response programme. This was then adapted to deliver Covid-related services for state and federal government. 

Tackling retention – together 

Our relationship is based on trust and collaboration. We meet with the client twice a week, and with suppliers once a week. Continuity of personnel, both at Guidant Global and on our client’s team, has been key to fostering this culture – but it’s not the only factor. We’ve changed the way we work to improve our service and strengthen our partnership. Our Talent Delivery team looks after the fulfilment of the client’s current needs, while our Client Relations team works closely with programme sponsors to develop new strategies. This allows us to add long-term value for the client, making sure their programmes are good for their business and not overly restrictive. 

For example, we’ve been working with the client to improve retention rates among their contingent workforce. Pay rates are often lower in the government sector and this, coupled with the difficult nature of the work, which is more akin to an insurance rep role, means workers are less engaged and more likely to quit. These challenges – and how we work together to solve them – are typical of our conversations with the client. In response, we’ve been reviewing job descriptions and mapping them to their market equivalent to make sure we get the right people on board. We’re also promoting the client’s employer brand, benefits and job opportunities to increase engagement among workers.

We’re never complacent – that’s why placement quality is one of our key performance indicators. Placement quality is a measure of work orders that continue beyond 30 days without replacement. This KPI is important because it takes time and money to train candidates. By analyzing this data, we can monitor the number of candidates making it through training to the call center floor, and the associated cost. As a result of this work, our client has made changes to the screening process and candidates are now invited to a session depicting a day in the life of a call center rep and the types of calls they take. This gives candidates a chance to decide if the position is right for them before taking up training – and it has helped increase placement quality.

Tapping into our global insight and expertise

If there is a challenge, we work together to get to the right answer, not the easiest answer. And because we’re powered by Impellam, a connected group providing global workforce and specialist recruitment solutions, we can tap into our group’s global insight and expertise.

For example, our sister company, Lorien, a digital, transformation and technology recruitment specialist, is helping us to deliver a better service for the client’s IT program, resulting in faster fulfilment, with better aligned talent.

Our client is also benefitting from the expertise of Impellam’s Customer Office. We recently held a two-day strategy meeting with the client and representatives from the Customer Office and Guidant Global to better understand their aims, challenges and how we can further help future proof and further optimize their approach to contingent labor. This kind of proactive approach demonstrates we’re not interested in quick fixes: our focus is on a long-term, quality partnership that delivers value for our client and offers the agility to adapt to changing market conditions at pace.