Female Engineers Soar Higher at Airbus

“The female talent attraction campaign in partnership with Guidant Global has given us the opportunity to reflect on the way Airbus recruits and thinks about its Aircraft Fitter workforce. The increase in female applicants for these roles is helping us to bring about change, and the diversity of backgrounds in the business ensures we continue to challenge the way that we do things.”


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Company Revenue




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229 quality applications

from female talent 


of workfroce is female Aircraft Fitters, up from 1%


of new hires into the aircraft fitter workforce are now female

96.7% retention

of all female hires since the launch of campaign  

Airplane manufacturer Airbus has long taken pride in employing local workers at its Aircraft Fitter operation based in Broughton, Wales.
However, they are aware that the overwhelming amount of the Aircraft Fitter roles have been carried out by men. 
It was determined at the beginning of 2022 to tap further into the local talent base and improve equality and diversity.
Working alongside outsourced recruitment partner Guidant Global, an advertising campaign was devised and launched, featuring female Airbus talent working on different aircraft within the manufacturing environment. 
There were challenges including battling conscious and unconscious beliefs that manufacturing was a male only role and a perception amongst women that as such Airbus only welcomed male applications. Airbus, like the rest of the aviation industry, also had to tackle fears about the long-term impact of the Covid pandemic on demand and employment.  
Guidant Global’s experience in developing leading and creative inclusive recruitment strategies overcame these barriers and helped Airbus welcome more high-quality female Aircraft Fitter talent.

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