How a global technology leader drove $16.2m cost savings with Guidant Global

We helped a global technology leader drive huge savings in a single year with Guidant Global’s contingent workforce program.

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Company Revenue 









Region Supported 





of the client’s global contingent labor managed in the program 


Fill time is less than a third

of what our client spends on direct hires 



$7.9 million

direct savings 


$8.3 million

indirect savings 

Driving the future of mobility is no easy feat. With more than 160,000 people across 126 manufacturing facilities and 12 major technical centres worldwide, our client requires a significant number of highly skilled people. Many of these are part of an increasingly large and complex contingent workforce.

As any procurement or HR leader knows, successfully procuring and managing a contingent workforce can be challenging, especially when they are spread across multiple countries with various different compliance, tax and worker legislation.

Procuring and managing a contingent workforce under a single global program raises the challenge bar even higher, but as we will see achieves next-level results across KPIs.

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