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Every aspect of our lives is increasingly driven by technology. Over the course of the collaboration with this pioneering customer, Guidant Global has consistently helped integrate the latest tech into their staffing practices. 

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Company Revenue 

11 billion GBP 






Region Supported 






distribution workers across a number of different roles over the Christmas period annually

£4 million

of annual savings 

20% reduction

in procurement costs

This modern stalwart of British retail has a visionary and successful way of doing business, boldly putting the happiness of its permanent employees at the centre of everything it does. Their people-centric approach has enabled them to stay ahead of the curve and to keep their customers happy for over 100 years, making them one of the UK’s biggest retail success stories.  

However, the way we live our lives is changing and retail is a fast-paced, innovation-led industry which has undergone unprecedented change over recent years, sparking a digital and technological transformation within this organisation. Their contingent workforce has had to rapidly evolve and expand to offer the flexibility of resources they rely on to support the fast-changing needs of their customers. Our contingent workforce management program spanning their entire head office and warehousing / distribution business has helped to make this possible. 

Due to a period of sustained growth in its business, the need arose for this major UK retailer to outsource the management of its increasingly large and complex pool of contingent IT contractors operating across the organisation. 

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