What is the state of the US labor market? The 2023 Talent Shortage Report. 

The law of supply and demand has a hand in most things around us. The workforce is no different. It is vital to achieving balance. Here is our look at talent shortages affecting us all in 2023.

In the report, we look at what exactly is happening and what you can do about it - providing powerful insights and versatile strategies to combat talent scarcity in industries such as consumer goods, finance, life sciences and pharmaceuticals and more in the US. 

The report uncovers solutions to help you find the talent you need, including:

  • Upgrade your diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts to open new untapped talent pools
  • Use data and technology to lay out and support the allocation of organizational resources
  • Keep your audience in mind at all times
  • How can you help with skill development?
  • Broaden your horizons when looking for talent
  • And many, many more!

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