4 ways that offering internships can help your organization thrive and grow
Alexa Bradbury

Global Marketing Director

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4 ways that offering internships can help your organization thrive and grow

Internships are a common way for students and graduates to gain valuable work experience and skills in their chosen field. But internships are not only beneficial to the interns themselves, but they also bring many advantages to the organizations which offer them.  

Guidant Global have been working with a global energy supplier based in the US, providing micro-internships for students and graduates, often from historically black colleges and universities. The feedback from the client has been incredibly positive. 

“We are thoroughly enjoying our experience with the Guidant Global Intern Program. We are hoping to expand and request additional interns in the near term. Thank you for bringing this opportunity to us!” 

4 Benefits of Internships to Businesses 

  1. Interns bring fresh perspectives and ideas. They can offer a different point of view and a creative approach to solving problems and improving processes. They can also bring new skills and knowledge that can complement your existing team and enhance your products or services.

  1. Interns increase productivity and efficiency. Interns can help you with tasks and projects that might otherwise be neglected or postponed due to lack of time or resources. They can also free up your staff to focus on more strategic, specialist or complex tasks, increasing staff ROI, productivity and efficiency to the organization.  

  1. Interns boost your employer brand and EVP (Employer Value Proposition). They can serve as ambassadors for your brand, culture and values, both during and after their internship. By offering internships, you demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility and education, enhancing your employer reputation.

  1. Interns are potential future employees. Interns can be a major source of talent for your future hiring needs. By offering internships, you can test and train potential candidates for your company, reducing the risk and cost of hiring mistakes. You can also build a pipeline of qualified and loyal talent that can fill your vacancies faster and easier. 

Why should businesses offer internships? 

Internships are not only a win-win situation for the interns and the businesses, but they are also a smart and strategic investment for your company's growth and success.  

By offering internships, you can benefit from fresh perspectives and ideas, increased productivity, and efficiency, boosted employer brand and reputation, and pipelining potential future employees.  

Organizing internships with Guidant Global 

If you are interested in offering internships, contact us today and we will help you find the best interns for your needs. 

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