Beeline recognises Guidant Global as a Certified Strategic Partner
Andrew Erlichman

4 minutes

Beeline recognises Guidant Global as a Certified Strategic Partner

Beeline, a global leader in software solutions for managing the extended workforce, has announced Guidant Global, as a Beeline Certified Strategic Partner.

The Beeline Certified Strategic Partnership Program is an exclusive certification program only available for select Beeline MSP partners. It provides mutual customers assurances that both partners will offer excellent service and technology to them. The certification includes robust technology training, as well as agreeing on a joint implementation methodology. These sessions further enhance the partner's usage of the Beeline technology and give customers the confidence of knowing that the companies that support them are closely aligned and jointly committed to the success of their program.

We collaborated with Beeline to develop a joint implementation methodology, which gives customers a more streamlined process. Beeline and Guidant will review the methodology on an ongoing basis to identify areas of improvement and to share an understanding of effective processes, procedures, and documentation. In addition, our teams participate in client services workshops, tailored to the specific needs of shared clients which reviews both organizations' steady state support processes, designed to ensure continuous improvement.

"Guidant Global is a valued partner of Beeline," said Chris Langeland, VP of Partnership Management at Beeline. "This Certification Program strengthens our relationship and enhances our ability to support mutual clients."

"Achieving this certification represents an important step in Guidant Global's partnership with Beeline and allows us to fully leverage their latest VMS technology that will deliver effective talent solutions for our clients," said Brian Salkowski, President at Guidant Global, Americas. "It will help us decrease our ramp-up time for new programs, build efficient on-site teams, and implement efficiently and predictably."

To qualify for and maintain the certification,we passed the Beeline System Certification Test. We attended regularly scheduled quarterly business reviews, participated in joint marketing and other sponsored events, helped create joint methodologies for implementation and steady state operations, and attended executive meetings with key stakeholders to ensure alignment adherence to our joint requirements. For more information, click here.