Contingent workforce experts Guidant Global partner with SAP Fieldglass in new VMS and MSP UK collaboration @Pace
Mary Nichols

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Contingent workforce experts Guidant Global partner with SAP Fieldglass in new VMS and MSP UK collaboration @Pace

On average, 42% of workforce spend is going to non-employee talent and services providers. It has never been more important for this segment of the workforce to be professionally managed to maximise cost control, risk mitigation, efficiencies and quality talent attraction. 

But many sizable UK businesses are still operating without a VMS and MSP to optimize their workforce management. Many have been put off by the costs and time involved in realizing their non-employee workforce’s full potential.  

This is why contingent workforce experts Guidant Global and technology leaders SAP Fieldglass have created @Pace; to bring industry leading VMS technology and contingent workforce management to businesses of all sizes.  

@Pace is a pre-defined MSP and VMS solution based upon the most common new contingent workforce programme requirements. It cuts out much of the complexity to pass savings on to the client. This means a fully managed solution can be implemented in an 8-week record time, while not limiting future growth potential. 

“The cost, complexity and time required to implement MSP and VMS solutions have put many outside enterprise sized organisation off of making the most of contingent workforce technology, and at a time when attracting talent is challenging, this is when it can come into its own,” Graeme McKenna, Head of UK Tech Management, Guidant Global states.  

“With the technology available, nobody should be running their contingent workforce from an Excel spreadsheet anymore and by doing this SMEs are missing out of big pools of talent that are already open to working for their business.” 

“The key here is that it’s open to any size organisation,” states Mary Nichol, Director of Sales, Guidant Global.  

“The external workforce is such a great resource but traditionally in small to medium sized businesses, it’s not been managed as well as the internal workforce. With @Pace, the contingent workforce becomes a group of ongoing candidates that can be continually deployed, trained, developed and even hired permanently.” 

For further information visit the @Pace webpage.

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