Empowering change: The Women in Defence Charter
Lynsey Derosa

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Empowering change: The Women in Defence Charter

Workforce and STEM talent solutions experts Impellam Group, powered by Guidant Global, have signed the Women in Defence Charter; a pivotal commitment in developing a more diverse workforce within the UK defence sector. 

The Women in Defence Charter, launched in 2017, is a voluntary pledge for organizations in the sector to work towards achieving a better gender balance.  

Creating inclusive workplace cultures in defence 

The Women in Defence Charter emphasizes the need for inclusive workplace cultures and that gender balance requires more than just increasing the number of women in the workforce.  

One of the key aspects of the charter is addressing the barriers that prevent the progression of women in the defence sector, and identifying and dismantling systemic obstacles that may impede the professional growth of female employees.  

By actively working to break down these barriers, organizations can ensure that women have equal opportunities for career advancement, mentorship, and professional development. 

Whilst this charter is aimed at defence companies, it is also highly relevant to companies and organizations that are in the supply chain for defence companies and government departments. 

At Guidant Global we have worked with defence and aerospace companies specifically on increasing gender diversity within their workforce and have plans for 2024 and beyond to build on this work and promote this as a positive step to take for new clients and partners.  

“We’re excited to be working together with the Women in Defence Charter, taking steps to ensure a more equal gender balance in the defence sector by working with forward thinking companies that can also see the value of this,” says Karina Townley, UK Managing Director of Guidant Global. 

“Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is central to everything we stand for and as the UK defence industry continues to expand into new areas and develop new technologies, it will be more important than ever.” 

Delivering the defence workforce of the future 

Guidant Global’s recent report gathered data from across the defence sector for their input into what is affecting and influencing talent in the industry, including attitudes and opportunities to diversify the defence supply chain. 

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