Getting started on Glassdoor: maximising the potential
Alexa Bradbury

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Getting started on Glassdoor: maximising the potential

In an age where the candidate has an increasing amount of leverage in the recruitment market, Glassdoor serves as an important platform to represent your employer brand.  

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Did you know candidates now trust peer reviews more than traditional employer brand communications such as your career site?  

They want to research and understand what it’s like to work at your organisation long before they’re hired. So, if it’s informed, engaged candidates you’re after, Glassdoor needs to be firmly on your radar. It works in your favour to influence your current and prospective employees.  

What is Glassdoor? 

Glassdoor is the world’s fasted growing job and recruiting platform, but it’s not a standard job board. It gives your current and former employees a portal in which to share their honest opinions on what it’s really like to work for you — from interview questions and CEO approval ratings, to salary information and office photos, Glassdoor shows it all.  


The easiest way of explaining it is like a TripAdvisor for employers. If your employer brand of glossy corporate brochures is a world away from the reality of working at your organisation you may have to rethink the way you present yourself. Because you can’t take down any positive or negative reviews, Glassdoor now means there’s nowhere to hide. 


Glassdoor has the fastest growing career community online, and is viewed as the most trustworthy place to get accurate information about what it’s really like to work at your company. Glassdoor has 10 times more traffic than LinkedIn with someone leaving a review every 7 seconds.  


Who uses Glassdoor?  

Candidates use Glassdoor to read honest, first-hand reviews on potential employers, browse current job vacancies and discover how current employees feel about benefit packages and salaries to try and get an honest feel for what it’s like to work for a certain employer. Half of all Job Seekers consult Glassdoor Reviews, showing the reach Glassdoor has.  

How can employers use Glassdoor? 

Employers can use Glassdoor to create and promote their employer brand, engage and attract employees and candidates, showcase the company culture, post job ads, measure candidate demographics, understand employee sentiments and identify areas for improvement.  

Glassdoor saves time and resources and allows you to put your jobs in front of people who are passionate, skilled and motivated. It is also a channel for colleagues and former employers to share their experiences anonymously. This gives assurance to both the person posting the review but also the audience as they have the knowledge that what’s been said is an honest review of the business.  

Using Glassdoor can make it easier for you to find quality candidates – and for candidates to find you.  

To explore the opportunities Glassdoor offers, and how to maximise use for your business, download our guide here 

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