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How to provide an accessible online recruitment experience – get the guide

One effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the rapid and widespread digitalisation of work. But when it comes to recruitment, the recent shift to remote working simply accelerated an existing trend.

As well as making full use of company websites and social media channels, recruiters and hiring managers are always looking for innovative talent technologies to attract, assess, interview and hire people.

But how do we ensure this doesn’t exclude disabled candidates who face barriers accessing information and completing forms and assessments online?

In our Guide to accessible online recruitment, we’ve partnered with web accessibility experts Recite Me to provide practical advice for employers on how to make their online recruitment practices inclusive and open to all.

Get your copy of the guide to find out:

  • Why online access barriers are such a problem
  • The barriers that employment candidates face
  • Why inclusivity is so important (and beneficial)
  • 5 ways to provide an inclusive candidate journey
  • How web accessibility technologies can help

Download your copy of Guide to accessible online recruitment.

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