Impellam Group Retain Their Place on the List of Leaders in Everest Group’s CWM PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023
Alexa Bradbury

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Impellam Group Retain Their Place on the List of Leaders in Everest Group’s CWM PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023

Everest Group has once again recognised Impellam Group as a Leader in both Contingent Workforce Management (CWM) and Services Procurement / Statement of Work (SOW) in its highly regarded CWM PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023.

Everest Group scored Impellam Group highly on vision and capability, market impact, innovation and strategy, with the Impellam brands participating being Guidant Global, Comensura, and Lorien.

Impellam Group has been positioned as a Leader in the CWM PEAK Matrix every year since 2018.

Feedback from the Everest Group

When discussing our Contingent Workforce Management Krishna Charan, Vice President, Everest Group stated "Impellam Group continues to demonstrate ability to address diverse contingent workforce requirements of clients spanning various industries and geographies.

Through sustained investments in emerging areas such as direct sourcing, and a deliberate emphasis on fortifying its technology stack with proprietary tools and strategic partnerships, it has solidified its positioning as a Leader on the Everest Group’s Contingent Workforce Management (CWM) / Managed Service Provider (MSP) PEAK Matrix® 2023."

When going on to discuss our Services Procurement and Statement of Work Charan continued: "Impellam Group continues to deliver effective services procurement management solutions drawing upon its experience in catering to both transactional and strategic aspects of services procurement programs.

Its efforts to enhance client value through dedicated investments to strengthen services procurement people and technology capabilities have all contributed to its positioning as a Leader on Everest Group’s Services Procurement / SOW PEAK Matrix® 2023."

About the Everest Group PEAK Matrix® Assessment

Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® Assessment reports provide the analysis and insights enterprises need to make critical selection decisions about global services providers, locations, products and solutions within various market segments.

Leading organisations around the globe trust these comparative assessments because of their unbiased evaluation of factors such as vision, capabilities, functionality, talent availability, market success, impact and cost.

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