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Webinar: Improving agility in services procurement and CWM – watch now

More than any other event in recent history, the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of organizational agility. When we look to the future, it’s clear that being able to move quickly and seamlessly from one operating environment to another will be key to sustainable success.

But how can procurement teams create more nimble, resilient talent supply chains and processes? And how can this support strategic organizational goals?

In this webinar, chaired by global CPO community Procurement Leaders, Guidant Global's Marie France, VP Client Service, and Pam Beard, Global VP Technology Management, explored the organizational changes needed to remain competitive in the competition for talent and customers.

Watch the webinar below to learn:

  • why process redesign is such a crucial factor in the search for agility
  • the innovative tech solutions that are driving this digital and process transformation
  • how greater agility translates into more effective workforce strategies, to directly support organizational strategic goals.

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In this uncertain environment, agility has become a key competitive differentiator. But how can businesses become more agile, and what role does the contingent workforce play in achieving agility?

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