Inspire Inclusion Interview: Laura Loader
Alexa Bradbury

2 minutes

Inspire Inclusion Interview: Laura Loader

Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Hi, I’m Laura Loader, Services Director at Burberry. I lead a global team responsible for strategic procurement of indirect services. It is my fifth year in role at Burberry and I previously worked at British Gas and John Lewis Partnership. 

What is your proudest achievement? 

Not one moment, but most fulfilling is seeing someone you manage or mentor thriving and realizing their potential.  

This year the theme of IWD is #InspireInclusion. What does this mean to you? 

As a leader it’s about creating space to hear all voices. This makes work and life so much more interesting and provides different perspectives that enrich projects or help solve problems. This is a fundamental part of our team’s role as business partners. Our work involves understanding business needs and identifying solutions that can deliver the best possible outcome and value. 

Which women inspire you the most? Or if you could have dinner with one inspirational woman, who would it be and why? 

Glennon Doyle, the author of Untamed – a highly recommended read! 

What is the most valuable piece of advice that you could give other women? 

If you ever hear a little voice in your head that tells you, “you’re not good enough” or “you can’t do that,remind the little voice it is not paying rent and needs to vacate the property. 

Have you faced any barriers in your career, if so, how did you overcome them? 

My mum attended a job interview, one of the interview questions was; “Would you be happy to be sterilized before joining our firm?” At the time of my birth, my mum wasn’t legally allowed to have a bank account in her own name. Reflecting on this and the huge changes I have seen throughout my career, I prefer to think that external barriers no longer exist, that way I can focus on whether I’m somehow creating my own barriers.  

If I were ever in a position where I felt that my gender was limiting my career, I would vote with my feet and leave.  

How does Burberry promote inclusion in the workplace? 

Burberry offers all colleagues space to express their creativity and opportunities to develop personally and professionally.  

We have codified key behaviors and standards aligned to our values ensuring they are embedded across the organization. We believe diversity, equity and inclusion are essential to fulfilling our purpose and living by our values as well.  

Attracting and retaining diverse talents and fostering an inclusive culture enables us to be more creative in everything we do and open spaces for our colleagues and communities.  

We take a holistic approach to supporting our colleagues by offering a variety of resources that reinforce their physical, financial, emotional, social, and overall wellbeing. 

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