International Women's Day: Kate's story
Alexa Bradbury

2 minutes

International Women's Day: Kate's story

Kate Holthofer Head of Client Services at Guidant Global talks to us about her new leadership role and how she got here. 

Tell us about your new leadership role?
My role as Head of Client Services for GuidantGlobal, is an exciting opportunity to move into a more strategic role and further develop my client relationships. I have managed one of my key clients for the past 11 years and have held many roles in the business. This new role is essentially about supporting and developing my team, some old and some newto achieve their promises and exceed their clients’ expectations in the services we deliver. I want to create an innovative team who take informed risks to always find a better way of doing things. I also want to ensure that we are flexible with our people to ensure they have a good work life balance and we can unlock the potential of people who may struggle to work in a 9-5 environment.

And your career journey that led you here?

With a Business Studies degree in hand I started my career in London temping in HR & Recruitment, After 3 years I decided that as a true Northerner I needed to return to the Wirral!, where I completed a Masters in HR and started my HR career. I used the next 4 years to learn and get involved in everything I could, HR, ER, Trade Union partnership agreements, Recruitment & Comps & Bens to broaden my experience. In 2008 I joined the Impellam Group, working for Blue Arrow and subsequently Guidant Global. I have held many roles, HR Project Manager, Account Manager, Operations Manager, Divisional Director, Operations Director and finally after nearly 12 years, Head of Client Services.

Are there any career defining moments or people that helped shape your career in recruitment?

I don’t think I have a career defining moment! I love to work and I love to be at home with my family and my career at Impellam has allowed me to do both. I have some very special moments at work, taking on very challenging accounts and seeing the results of partnership working and teamwork. I have been extremely lucky to have had a great team behind me, many whom have been with me for 10+ years. I have also been lucky enough to have the same line manager for the past 12 years who has always given me the freedom to make decisions and have the confidence to take opportunities, but the support and direction to learn from. 

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t over think things, and worry less. Take every opportunity that you are given and don’t let personal fears stop you embracing new challenges.

What drives / inspires you?

My family are my key drivers, to show my 2 little girls that if you work hard you can achieve anything, I want to give them every opportunity in life, to travel and try lots of different activities. I am inspired by our vision to do things a better way, to go home every day knowing that I have a happy and motivated team, candidates and workers that have been treated fairly and hopefully a delighted client with the services they receive.

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