Leveraging your employer brand and EVP to build an engaged talent community
Tom Brooks

3 minutes

Leveraging your employer brand and EVP to build an engaged talent community

Our latest podcast-style video, featuring Impellam Group’s Global Marketing Director, Alexa Bradbury and Head of Talent Marketing, Adam Barratt, discuss how to leverage your employer brand and EVP to build an engaged talent community, and how Guidant Global’s Advanced Direct Sourcing can help organisations do just that at speed and scale! 

The rapid pace of technological change and innovation has created a huge talent shortage and high demand for skills in many industries. Organizations are looking for workers who not only fill their immediate needs, but who can adapt to new tools, processes, and markets. Many are struggling to not only find talent but to retain it 

More than half of businesses are finding recruitment more challenging in 2023 than they did in 2022, and as a result, they are having to look at new ways to source the talent they need, without huge cost implications. 

Whilst organizations are looking for excellent quality talent, they are also looking for value for money. With the word ‘recession’ all over the news, businesses are looking to be cautious and make savings wherever possible. ‘Improve efficiencies’ has become an increased priority for businesses in 2024 – with 55% reporting it as a key ambition.  

Is it possible for businesses to have the best of both worlds? And if so, how?  

The video covers:  

  • The importance of storytelling to make you an employer of choice 

  • What’s the difference between a talent pool and a talent community?  

  • What are the benefits for a talent community? 

  • The role of technology in building a talent community 

  • Top tips for getting started with building a talent community 

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