#EndureTransform | How to onboard and offboard contingent workers during the coronavirus pandemic
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#EndureTransform | How to onboard and offboard contingent workers during the coronavirus pandemic

Guidant Global Chief Operating Officer, Brian Salkowski, offers his insight into how an MSP can support employers with rapidly onboarding and offboarding contingent workers at scale during the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has upset so much of what we took for granted in the business world. What used to be simple, albeit important tasks, such as onboarding team members, have now become very complex.

Many industries are struggling right now, and are in turn reducing contingent workers dramatically. Let’s face it, flexible labour exists for a reason. It offers organisations the ability to scale up, or in this case, scale down quickly.

This should start with an ongoing assessment of roles. What’s essential versus non-essential? What roles require onsite access, versus roles which can be performed remotely? What is the criticality of the roles based on the severity of impact to the business?

Offboarding when scaling back contingent workers

For every position, it’s vital to have inventory. What accesses are maintained, both physical and systems? What company assets such as laptops are deployed? What are the current status and transferability of current projects and job deliverables?

Although access badges and logins can be disabled en masse, returning physical assets can be a challenge. Close collaboration with your suppliers here will pay dividends.

How clients are offboarding while scaling back their workforce


A recent client had multiple employees test positive for COVID-19 at one of their facilities. Following a thorough cleansing of the facility, we were able to organise a staggered, distanced retrieval of assets with coordinated designates. This allowed for some work to be ended, while other was transitioned to another service.

Scaling up and onboarding new staff to meet increased demand


On the flip side, some businesses are having to upscale at pace, or at minimum, continuing to engage the right contractors to ensure business continuity. To support this, successful companies are introducing well thought out modifications to their onboarding protocols.

How firms are facing the challenges of onboarding during a crisis


The U.S. Government has issued guidance for the remote validation of I9 right to work information, for example. In addition, some organisations have also deferred certain screening elements such as drug tests, until they can be safely administered in person.

For businesses that require physical presence to remain operational, such as those in key worker industries, organisations have utilised temperature testers to validate health for people entering the facility, and have made personal protective equipment readily available for their workers.

Onboarding workers into virtual environments presents a different set of challenges. Laptops and other assets can be shipped, but training and orientation are different now. We have seen companies set up virtual orientations using video to introduce team members, send messages and set expectations while initiating training.

The keys to success: adaptability and ingenuity


When all’s said and done, adaptability and ingenuity are the keys to successfully managing onboarding and offboarding during the coronavirus crisis.

When combined, they provide businesses with the flexibility to onboard and offboard competently while managing through the uncertainties of the current crisis.

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